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Press release public kick off day of the, AUTOPILOT
Press release public kick off day of the, AUTOPILOT
Versailles, France07 Feb 2017

The Hellenic Institute of Transport HIT participated in a meeting of the Special Permanent Committee on Road Safety of the Hellenic Parliament
The Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) of the Center of Research and Technology-Hellas (CERTH) ha1...
Athens, Greece13 Oct 2016

Hellenic Institute of Transport selected as the transport pilot in the Big Data Europe project
Department B of the Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) has been selected to conduct the transport1...
Brussels, Belgium22 Sep 2016

Discovery challenge στο 18th EPIA Conference on Artificial Intelligence
Department B of the Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) supports NEC in the organization of a com1...
Porto, Portugal05 Sep 2016

The Hellenic Institute of Transport has been awarded with access to the GRNET digital infrastructure
Department B of the Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) has submitted a research proposal that has1...
Thessaloniki, Greece31 Aug 2016

 The InstitutePersonnelScientific Council   

Scientific Council

The Institute is managed by its Director (or, when required, the Deputy Director). The Director’s responsibilities are defined in the internal Regulation of CE.R.TH. and the Presidential Decree that created H.I.T. The Director is responsible for the overall quality of the work and the evaluation of the productivity of personnel upon the Scientific Council’s recommendation. Since the creation of the Institute (in 2000) its Director is Prof. G. A. Giannopoulos.

The Deputy Director, is appointed by the CE.R.T.H.’s Board of Directors. For the two year period, 1/7/2012-30/6/2014, the deputy director of H.I.T. is Dr. G. Aifandopoulou, Researcher B’.

The Institute’s Scientific Council comprises of at least five high-ranking researchers and is responsible for recommending to the Director and the CE.R.TH. Board of Directors the Institute’s budget, its annual plan of activities and balance statement, advising on the scientific policy and the Institute’s objectives, and debating  the Institute’s research and development programme.  

The Scientific Council consists of the following:


Dr. Maria Panou, Principal Researcher


Dr. Maria Morfoulaki, Special Operational Scientist Α

Dr. Evangelos Mitsakis, Senior Researcher

Dr. Maria Gemou, Senior Researcher

Dr. Afroditi Anagnostopoulou, Senior Researcher


Elected representative of scientific, technical and administrative staff

Vassiliki Papadimitropoulou

Stavroula Dimopoulou (Deputy representative)

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