To make HIT the main and integrated Research Pole in the fields of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Tourism in Greece and among the top 10 relevant nodes of technology and expertise in Europe.

Today, May 3rd, 2018, the Chairman, Mr. Ioannis Kotoulas, and CEO, Mr. Odysseas Raptis, of the e-trikala initiative, together with the representative of the Municipality of Trikala, Mayor’s consultant Mr. Harry Kalliaras visited HIT. They were guided through the equipment and applications of HIT and discussed extensively the opportunities of long-term co-operation with HIT as well as with other CERTH institutes (ITI, IBO,INAB), the Directors of which were also present at the meeting. A relevant MoU will be signed shortly, to serve as a framework of cooperation and in order to establish an office of CERTH/IBO in Trikala, with representatives also of the other 3 CERTH institutes (HIT, ITI, INAB).

e trikala στον κόμβο του ΙΜΕΤ

e trikala στο ερευνητικό αυτοκίνητο του ΙΜΕΤ

e trikala στον ερευνητικό προσομοιωτή του ΙΜΕΤ

e trikala στον ερευνητικό προσομοιωτή του ΙΜΕΤ

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