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On 12-13 June 2018, the Institute for Transports and Logistics (ITL) and the Region of Emilia-Romagna (RER) hosted the 2nd Steering Committee meeting of INTER-CONNECT (Intermodality Promotion and Rail Renaissance in Adriatic – Ionian Region) project, financed under the Interreg ADRION Programme and the ERDF and IPAII funds.

The Director of RER welcomed the team, stressing the importance of this cooperation for a rail revitalisation of the region.

The meeting gave project partners the chance to present and receive an update on different case studies, in particular regarding the time plan for the stakeholders’ consultation, roundtables, status quo of data collection and analysis needs, as well as expected results of the project and beyond.

Partners explained and presented the overall status, goals and expectations of the first technical work package, aiming at capitalising on the existing knowledge in passenger intermodal transportation and rail use and deriving from policy documents and strategy search (regional/national/transnational), as well as from international real cases experience (best practices) review. Partners are in the process of gathering the data for the formulation of Adrion’s transnational connectivity map.

All partners agreed on the importance of connecting all the technical activities; finding in all case studies valuable information to disseminate and defining a common methodology for collecting the most important lessons to teach outside the project.

On day two, the Joint Secretariat of the Programme updated all partners on period and progress reports, approval of the implementation manual, launch date of the programme website, and the production of promotional materials.

The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) presented the overall status, criticalities, partner contributions and steps of the third work package on “Intermodal Passenger Transport Roadmap Circulation”.

The CEI – Executive Secretariat - leading the communication and dissemination activities of the project, provided an overview of the actions implemented during the 1st project period as well as information on upcoming activities. The importance of an effective involvement of all partners in the dissemination of INTER-CONNECT to the wider audience, has been also stressed.

All participants agreed on the need to address their stakeholders, and to foster a rail shift to ecological means.

The next meeting is envisaged to take place in Zagreb, Croatia, in November 2018.

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