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The results of the first focus group held within the framework of WareM&O project with leading Logistics and Trading Companies operating in Greece.

A new research project, WareM&O, of the "I research - I Generate -I Innovate" national scale action, started in June 2018 and will be completed in two years in May 2020.

The objectives of WareM&O is the development and operation of a "Virtual Freight Center” in the region of Thessaloniki as well as around the whole country, aimed at bridging the supply and demand of warehouses for exploitation with the purpose of facilitating the short term lease of those areas and thus enhancing the competitiveness and productivity of small and large enterprises that have warehouses in the region.

For achieving the above mentioned objectives, the Hellenic Institute of Transport of the Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (HIT/CERTH) cooperates with trans-European company of TRANSPORT, DEVELOPMENT AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SA (TREDIT SA), which is the Project Coordinator, and with Supply Chain Consultant company “Planning SA” (Consultant / Subcontractor).

On Tuesday, January 22, 2019, HIT/CERTH hosted in its premises in Thessaloniki the first focus group of the WareM&O project with the participation of leading logistics and Trade company representatives operating in the two major urban centers of Greece (Thessaloniki and Athens).

During the meeting, the main objectives and the initial results of the research project were presented regarding the needs of the Greek market, the efficient and effective management of the country’s facilities, as well as infrastructure and logistics resources.

An extensive analysis regarding the topic confirmed the need to improve visibility along the supply chain together with the development of cooperative models in order for Greek companies to achieve the necessary flexibility and to respond in a timely manner to the ever-changing challenges of the national and global economy.

Particularly encouraging was the reaction of the respondents to the necessity of the existence and operation of the WareM&O “Virtual” Freight Center as a main assistance in addressing the above mentioned challenges.

Finally, all the companies attending the event contributed to the research study of the project by providing information on their activities and expressing their particular interest in 1) monitoring and active participation in future project activities 2) their participation as potential users in the framework of pilot implementation tool that is to be developed.

WareM&O invites all the businesses that operate in Greece and need warehouses to contribute to this project by communicating their needs and expectations through the questionnaire: WareM&O questionnaire (available in Greek language only) in order to develop the appropriate tool that will enhance their competitiveness and improve the efficiency of their services.

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