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Project Title: Integrated system for safe transportation of children to school
Duration: 36 months (01/06/2008- 31/05/2012)

Description: The aim of this project is to make the roads of Europe safer for school children. This is much needed since according to the latest statistics (EU 2002) 35,000 children are injured on European roads every year, 250 of these children are killed. This project started in September 2009, and run for three years. The approach is holistic, the overall goal is to make school transport in Europe safer for children. From home to school and back again. In this project we aim to combine a wide range of technologies on localization, route planning, route guidance, signage, on-board systems and sensors, short-range and GPRS communications, etc. The SAFEWAY2SCHOOL project is funded by European Commission within the 7th Framework Research Program. The budget is 3.7 million Euros (September 2009).

Objectives: The SAFEWAY2SCHOOL project aimed at:

  • Developing optimal route planning for school buses, to guide them through areas of low traffic, avoiding black spots.
  • Developing optimal real-time route guidance, taking into account dynamic traffic data, as well as the arrival and estimated arrival of children at the bus stops.
  • Developing “intelligent” bus stops that understand the position of children and school buses and transmit relevant info and warnings to both actors.
  • Developing a seamless, reliable and secure system of school bus position tracking and monitoring and a parents’ notification system, when children are on-board the school bus.
  • Integrating safety enhancement applications regarding speed monitoring and safety belt usage for the school bus, while travelling.
  • Developing warning systems for surrounding vehicles on the existence of stopped school buses or/and children waiting/ entering/ exiting.
  • Developing appropriate training schemes for school bus drivers, children, parents and all drivers, for optimal use of the developed systems and children safety enhancement in general.
  • Performing socio-economic analysis, to identify the optimal business plans, legal schemes and organizational incentives for rapid adoption and wide market penetration of SAFEWAY2SCHOOL system.

HIT key role and responsibilities: In SAFEWAY2SCHOOL, CERTH/HIT had the following responsibilities:

  • Technical Manager
  • Led the work on the Human Machine Interaction (HMI)
  • Led the work on the pilot plan development.
  • Led the work on re-routing algorithm development and testing.
  • Led the work on the e-learning material developed.

Contact person:
Eleni Chalkia
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Evangelos Bekiaris
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+30 2310 498 453 & +30 211 1069 599


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