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Acronym: ADAS&ME

Project title: Adaptive ADAS to support incapacitated drivers & Mitigate Effectively risks through tailor made HMI under automation

Duration: 42 months (1/9/2016 - 29/2/2020)


ADAS&ME is a European funded project with Technical Coordinator HIT's Direc­tor Dr. Evangelos Bekiaris, that aims to develop adaptive ADAS able to predict driver/ rider sleepiness, stress, excessive emotions, inattention, etc. and enable au­tomated driving during emergency situa­tions, in order to save lives in European roads.

The project includes 7 Use Cases for all vehicle types: conventional and electric car, truck, bus and motorcycle.

It is Sunday afternoon and Georgia returns from a family visit. On her way back her ve­hicle detects that she is very fatigue. Since the driving is on motorway, she decides to activate the highly automated driving mode to get the opportunity to rest and to play some games on her smart device.

After one hour, the vehicle detects a road­work ahead and prepares Georgia to take over the control of the driving. The screen of the smart device gets locked. Georgia gets an audio warning and notices it on the instrument panel and puts away the smart device.

Georgia hands are now on the wheel, her gaze is on the road and the vehicle verifies that she is able to drive manually. After the roadwork Georgia activates the high­ly automated driving mode again and she continues her game on the smart device, until she has to leave the motorway and the vehicle gives back the control to her.

The above Use Case targets a private car. Indicatively a brief summary of the truck, motorcycle and bus Use Cases respec­tively are presented below:

For the truck, the technology will focus on the continuous driver monitoring during highly automated driving in highway environment, during which the driver is allowed to sleep, read his/her e-mails, etc. The truck will be able to bring the driver back in the loop in case needed or in case the truck leaves the highway.

  • For the motorcycle, the system will monitor the rider's state and riding behaviour and in case of risk of faint (due to tiredness, high environmental tem­perature, etc.) or prolonged rider inat­tention, it will warn on time the rider, whereas in case of emergency it will be able to stabilize the bike and park it safely at the right side of the road.
  • For the bus, the system will support the driver while approaching bus stops, by taking the control of the vehicle. During the bus stop approach, the driv­er can leave his /her seat and assist the passenger to embark/ disembark. When the doors are closed and the bus is ready to leave the bus stop, the sys­tem will give back the control to the driver.

The Consortium encompasses 30 partners from 11 European countries, representing automobile industries, research centres and universities, SME’s, end-users, as well as European fora and networking as­sociations.


The project aims at the development of an adaptive ADAS to support incapaci­tated drivers Mitigate Effectively risks, through tailor made HMI under automa­tion


CERTH/HIT role in the ADAS&ME project includes the following key tasks:

  • Technical & Innovation Manager
  • Developer of rider state monitoring and prediction algorithms
  • Leader of the Decision Support Sys­tem development for all vehicle types (truck, conventional and electric car, motorcycle and bus).
  • Leader of the Integration Phase
  • Leading research studies for data col­lection and system optimization for the motorcycle Use Cases

Contact Persons:
Evangelos Bekiaris
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+30 211 1069 552
Stella Nikolaou
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+30 211 1069 558


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