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Cloud4All aims to develop a complete new paradigm in accessibility, by replacing adaptation of individual products and services for a person (2nd generation concept) with automatic-personalisation of any mainstream product or service a user encounters, using cloud technologies to activate and augment any natural (built-in) accessibility the product or service has (3rd generation concept), based on a profile of the user’s needs.
Cloud4all meets the need for substantially improving accessibility for ICT products and services. This includes products and services such as eCommerce, eGovernment, eHealth, eCulture and Internet banking. Over the next ten years, the project will provide opportunities for older people and people with disabilities in using such products and services. This will allow them to apply for jobs online, use jobmatching platforms or eLearning applications.
To achieve its goal the project concept is based on the creation of an explicit and implicit user Needs and Preferences set (store either locally or in the cloud; depending on user preference), that automatically matches mainstream products and services with necessary access features and configures them according to users´ preferences and context of use, anywhere (any device the person encounters in any location), on any device (PC, mobile, smart phone, iTV,…), seamlessly and holistically (configuring both content and user interface), including augmenting the accessibility of the product when needed, through special web applications, cloud-based Assistive Technology (AT), cloud-based desktops, running without AT installation or with downloads and AT installation.

Cloud4all will allow us to move towards (commercial) interfaces and “inclusive design” by:

  • Providing interfaces that work for people having trouble using products due to disability, literacy or age related barriers.
  • Helping people who just want a simpler interface, have a temporary disability, want access when their eyes are busy doing something else, want to rest their hands or eyes, want to access information in an ”enforced silence” or in very noisy environments.
  • Promoting a real impact in all kinds of users, but also in most actors of the accessible ICT and AT markets.

CERTH/ HIT leaded Cloud4all SP1 and also led the pilot planning of the project. Additionally, the Greek pilot, in which more that 150 participated, was led by CERTH/ HIT.

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