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Acronym: SocialCar
Project Title: Open social transport network for urban approach to carpooling
36 months (01/06/2015- 31/05/2018)

Description: SocialCar was a research and innovation project that sought to incorporate carpooling into existing mobility systems; by means of powerful planning algorithms and big data integration from public transport, carpooling systems, and crowd sourcing.
The project unites ITS developers, social and economic scientists, transport engineers, carpoolers and public authorities from Italy, Greece, United Kingdom, Luxembourg, Poland, Switzerland, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, the Netherlands, Hungary, Spain and Belgium.
Their mission was to design, develop, test and roll out a service that simplifies the travel experience of citizens in urban and peri-urban areas. SocialCar defined data processing flows and design algorithms to match travel requests with the integrated public-private transport supply, complemented by a reputation-based mechanism.
With all software modules integrated, SocialCar has been tested in 10 European sites .

Objectives: SocialCar aimed to:

  1. reduce road congestion by improving and maximising connectivity and information sharing between carpooling and other transport systems, through: supporting cross-system interoperability, fostering open data policies, defining and monitoring data quality, and considering data security and integrity related challenges to enable mobility and carpooling as a service.
  2. provide solutions for real-time information exchange, forecasting models to deliver high quality travel and carpooling related information, enhancing innovation and generating growth thanks to an innovative integrated platform and the use of Big Data.
  3. validate green driving support systems, active management based on European GNSS location data and solutions for integrated, customised and accessible mobility services targeted to various end-users with predictive analytics capabilities and ways to utilise solutions to induce behavioural changes in favour of more eco- friendly choices and car-pooling in particular.

HIT key role and responsibilities: HIT is Partner in the project.


Contact person:
Maria Tsami
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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