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Acronym: VERITAS
Project Title: Virtual and Augmented Environments and Realistic User Interactions To achieve Embedded Accessibility Designs
Duration: 48
months (01/01/2010 – 31/12/2013)

Description: The core concept of VERITAS EC project was to research and develop an open framework for providing built-in accessibility support at all the stages of realisation of mainstream ICT and non- ICT technologies. The project aimed at delivering to product/software developers ‘generic’ instructions - embedded in an empowering virtual reality platform, for exploring new concepts, designing new interfaces and testing interactive prototypes that will inherit universal accessibility features, including compatibility with established assistive technologies. By achieving these goals VERITAS is expected to operationalise and potentially revolutionise the accessibility testing at all stages of design and development of new products in five very important industrial domains (automotive, smart living spaces, (buildings & construction, domotics), workplace and infotainment applications areas). The main VERITAS innovation lies in the fact that, even if there has been some limited and isolated attempts to support accessibility testing of novel products and applications, there was a clear lack of a holistic framework that supports comprehensively virtual user modelling, simulation and testing at all development stages and realistic/immersive experience of the simulation.

Objectives: VERITAS aims to develop and utilize various innovative systems to achieve integrated accessibility support at all stages of product development (specifications, design, development and testing).

HIT key role and responsibilities: HIT is Partner in the VERITAS project.

Contact person:
Evangelos Bekiaris
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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