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Acronym: SafeSecure TP
Project title: Safe and Secure Parking Places for Trucks
Duration: 12 months (22/12/2017 – 21/12/2018)

Description: Safe and secure parking places for trucks are needed to ensure socially fair conditions for professional drivers when taking rests. They are also needed to tackle issues such as cargo crime and unintended transport of illegal immigrants. However, safe and secure parking places remain too scarce and the services provided by existing facilities are often insufficient and uncoordinated.
The establishment of safe and secure parking places requires some careful reflection on the different requirements to place on the different stakeholders, together with consideration of whether legislative change or other support actions are needed. Against this background, this study assigned by DGMOVE will define an action plan for safe and secure parking places with the objective of creating the right framework for authorities and private developers who wish to establish safe and secure parking places.

Objectives: The project aims to:

  • formulate a certification system on security levels of parking areas in particular along the TEN-T Core Network
  • to propose a map indicating the preferred locations for safe and secure parking on the TEN-T core network, based on the needs of users and an analysis of traffic flows/volumes, including logistics 'hotspots',
  • to outline key issues for the establishment of safe and secure parking areas.
  • to create a manual in all EU languages, including options, requirements and best practices, allowing authorities and private developers to prepare business plans for safe and secure parking places.
  • to propose an action plan in the form of a roadmap for policy makers including timing and responsibilities for the future deployment of safe parking areas in the EU.

HIT key role and responsibilities: CERTH/HIT is responsible for:

  • (a) prioritising key issues for the establishment of safe and secure parking areas, and proposing actions for addressing them, and
  • (b) developing a policy roadmap for the future development of safe and secure parking areas in the EU.


Contact Person:
Aristos Halatsis
+30 2310-498463

Evangelos Mitsakis
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+30 2310 498 459

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