To make HIT the main and integrated Research Pole in the fields of Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Tourism in Greece and among the top 10 relevant nodes of technology and expertise in Europe.

Project title: Development of an Integrated Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) in Thessaloniki Municipality
Duration: 36 months (10/03/2016 – 09/03/2019)

Description: The project aims to implement the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan of Thessaloniki’s Municipality. The Plan will be based on the development of an appropriate strategic planning focused on urban mobility issues.

Objectives: The project’s main targets are:

  • Technical support to the Municipality of Thessaloniki during all the stages of the SUMP’s implementation; supervision, public consultation and receipt of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Study in the wider city center of Thessaloniki and its area of influence, using the transport demand model of HIT
  • Organization, preparation and evaluation of the consultation’s results
  • Finalization of the Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan

HIT key role and responsibilities: HIT in cooperation with the Municipality of Thessaloniki will implement the following:

  • A. Technical support for the development and receipt of the "Sustainable Urban Mobility Study” which will take place in the wider center of Thessaloniki’s Municipality. More specifically, after the in depth examination of all the existing studies as well as the traffic data collected by various local surveys, HIT will identify the specifications for the traffic data analysis procedures in the framework of the above study.
  • B. Technical Support - Use of data that will be collected in the framework of the above study and will be provided to HIT in order to update its transport demand model. The model will be used as a strategic tool for evaluating the alternative scenarios of the measures proposed by the Municipality. The model will also determine the measures’ priority and importance as well as their direct impact on the environment and the traffic.
  • C. Technical support for the implementation of all stages concerning the SUMP’s development and for the organization of all the relevant meetings and consultations with key and wider stakeholders.
  • D. Technical support for the SUMP’s finalization. Identification of timetable for the proposed measures. Financial analysis and financing proposals. More specifically, HIT will update the transport demand model using the traffic and demographic / spatial data received by the Municipality as well as the data from the Origin/Destination surveys in order to calculate the new Origin-Destination Matrix and the modal split. The updated model will be able to examine alternative scenarios related to the implementation of traffic regulations, the construction of new transport infrastructure, the introduction of new modes of transport, as well as alternative pricing policies, parking policies, freight transport policies etc.


Contact Person:
Maria Morfoulaki
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+30 2310 498 454

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