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Acronym: TEN-tec (National Greek) Portal
Project title: National Platform of Trans-European Transport Network
Duration: 6 months (12/12/2016 – 31/05/2017)

Description: The National Trans-European Transport Network (TEN) Platform was developed by the Hellenic Institute of Transport (HIT) in the framework of the project "Provision of technical expertise to the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks for the effective and valid updating of the data base TEN-Tec Portal of DG MOVE, in the framework of the programme CEF TRANSPORT - PSA" and has the capability to manage, process and update geo-spatial and descriptive data related to Trans-European Transport Networks in Greece. The existence of such a platform is a necessity of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Transport and Networks.
Trans-European Transport Networks (TEN-T) are an ordered sequence of road, rail, air and water transport networks in the European Union.
Since January 2014, European Union (EU) has a new transport infrastructure policy aimed at bridging the gap between the Member States' transport networks, eliminating the bottlenecks which continue to impede the smooth function of the internal market and overcome technical obstacles such as incompatible standards for rail transport. EU promotes and enhances the smooth operation of passenger and freight transport chains while keeping pace with future technological trends, with the aim of helping economic recovery and growth with a budget of € 24.05 billion by 2020.
In the core of TEN-T are the following nine corridors of the core network:

  • Scandinavia-Mediterranean
  • North Sea-Baltic
  • North Sea-Mediterranean
  • Baltic-Adriatic
  • East-East Mediterranean
  • Rhine - Alps
  • Atlantic
  • Rhine-Danube
  • Mediterranean

The corridor of immediate interest in Greece is that of the East-East Mediterranean connecting the North Sea, Baltic Sea, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea routes, allowing for the optimal use of the respective ports and the relevant motorways of the sea.

Objectives: The purpose of the National TEN-T Platform is to create a database that enables the digital management, processing and updating of co-funded projects and geospatial and descriptive data related to Trans-European Transport Networks in Greece. The National TEN-T Platform was created to meet the constant need for the best possible use and compatibility with the pan-European geospatial and descriptive data base for TEN-T.

HIT key role and responsibilities: HIT as the sole partner of the project carried out the following actions:

  • Information from the Ministry of Infrastructure for Transport and Networks on the TEN-Tec portal of DG MOVE, its structure and how it operates.
  • Development of an interactive electronic national platform for easy, user-friendly and manual-friendly use, introduction and visibility of national data (technical and financial data, digital maps, etc.) on the TEN-T for all modes of transport, in a relevant database, as far as possible compatible with the corresponding European TEN-Tec portal.
  • Composition of a manual for platform management and operation and education of the users to regularly update the TEN-Tec portal database on a permanent basis.
  • Collection of input data at national level for all modes of transport and update of the national database.
  • Interoperability of the platform with corresponding and relevant databases.
  • Pilot testing and validation of the proper operation of the platform.


Contact Person:
Evangelos Mitsakis
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+30 2310498459

Panagiotis Iordanopoulos
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+30 2310498443

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