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Acronym: ISTEN
Project title: Integrated and Sustainable Transport in Efficient Network
Duration: 24 months (01/12/2017 – 30/11/2019)

Description: ISTEN, is a project funded by the INTERREG ADRION Programme (ERDF and IPA II funds), that aims at improving intermodal connections from the ADRION Programme area seaports to their hinterland.
To achieve its aim, project analyses and action plans, at both local and transnational level, will be developed with the contribution of business and policy stakeholders such as, inland terminals, railway and multimodal transport operators, freight forwarders, relevant public authorities at local, regional and national level. The project’s final output is a strategic transnational action plan for the development of an integrated hubs network at ADRION level.
ISTEN builds on the experience and activities of partners from Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania and Greece.

Objectives: The project aims to:

  • create a transnational cooperation network to boost innovation and establish a durable cooperation among ADRION ports and intermodal terminals
  • identify a common approach and governance model for ADRION integrated hubs
  • enhance the efficiency and environmental sustainability of freight logistics flows across the ADRION area.

HIT key role and responsibilities: CERTH/HIT is responsible for: (a) analysing the state-of-the-art in the nine project port-hinterland chains, and (b) identifying best practices for port-hinterland integration in the ADRION Programme area vs the rest of the EU.

Contact Person:
Aristos Halatsis
+30 2310 498 463

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