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Acronym: AEOLIX
Project Title: Architecture for EurOpean Logistics Information eXchange
Duration: 36 months (01/09/2016 – 30/08/2019)

Description: AEOLIX is a project funded by the European Union's HORIZON 2020 program aiming of contributing to the priorities of the EU policy, but also the optimisation of cargo flows, the facilitation of supply chain management, the reduction of administrative burdens and to make better use of existing resources. The AEOLIX ambition is to develop architecture for a distributed open system which will exchange information among key logistics actors (commercial companies as well as relevant authorities), enabling increased use and impact of such information in the value chain.
AEOLIX will develop a platform for connecting logistics information systems of different characteristics, intra- and cross-company, for immediate (real-time) exchange of information in support of logistics-related decisions. The AEOLIX Platform represents a critical step forward for supply chain visibility and interoperability through the decentralization of information sharing.
AEOLIX will test, validate and demonstrate the collaborative logistics ecosystem in a number of living labs. The selected living labs cover all the nine TEN-T corridors. The rationale for the selection of demonstrators is to fully address sustainable logistics through intelligent hubs, greener corridors (multi-modality), and optimized network with a good geographic coverage.

Objectives: The objectives of the AEOLIX project are:

  • Gain a thorough insight in the lessons learned, needs and requirements in the domain of ICT applications for logistics.
  • Design an architecture for a collaborative IT infrastructure for operational connection of logistics information systems.
  • Implement an appropriate data access management model.
  • Build a common but user-tailored interface and tools to enable the IT infrastructure.
  • Test, validate and implement the AEOLIX prototype in 12 living labs of logistics business communities across Europe.
  • Monitor the impacts of AEOLIX based on environmental, economic and social impacts.
  • Develop an exploitation business model to enable roll-out and deployment of the concept across Europe, and possibly rest of the world.

HIT key role and responsibilities: HIT as project partner has undertaken the following actions:

  • To develop, implement and validate the project objectives through the Thessaloniki Living Lab: Multimodal Information Exchange and Collaboration.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of the AEOLIX solution, thus assessing the usability, user friendliness and acceptance of the platform as well as the impact of the AEOLIX toolkit and dashboard on freight and logistics operations.
  • To record, confirm and continuously develop the general needs and requirements as well as the platform requirements.


Contact persons:
Leonidas Parodos
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Georgia Aifandopoulou
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+30 2310498451

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