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Acronym: AM4INFRA

Project tile: Common Framework for a European Life Cycle based Asset Management Approach for transport infrastructure networks

Duration: 24 months (1/9/2016 - 31/8/2018)

Description:AM4INFRA project is a coordination and support action (CSA) funded by the H2020 programme with the aim to enable trans­parent, risk-based optimization of invest­ments within and across the modes. The overall objective of this CSA is to launch a life cycle and risk based Asset Manage­ment (AM) framework approach enabling effective governance of transport infra­structure networks across Europe. The framework approach is supported by data management tools that ensure transpar­ency and compatibility of optimization and collaboration actions of the infrastructure authorities within the modes, across the modes and across Europe.

This common framework paves the way towards an integrated agenda such that it allows smooth functioning of the European transport networks, providing outstand­ing value for stakeholders and customers. The project’s scope is to support the in­frastructure authorities in their decision making and planning as identifying the pri­orities on basis of (remaining) cost-perfor­mance and service levels. AM4INFRA aims to innovate the decision making by the au­thorities to the extent that the hinder on traffic is optimized on the basis of trans­parent, coherent and consistent consider­ations that can be better communicated to society. In addition, the innovations provided by AM4INFRA can offer new knowl­edge and represent the ‘seed corn’ for an implementation agenda through which the effectiveness of the sector can be further enhanced.

Building on ongoing bottom-up actions, best practices and contemporary experi­ences of four National Infrastructure Agen­cies (NIAs) that are considered frontrunners in the development and application of as­set management in their networks govern­ance, it will deliver the first ever common European AM framework approach that enables consistent and coherent cross-as­set, cross-modal and cross-border decision making. The overall Concept, its major con­ceptual elements and the targeted results are depicted in the preceding figure.

The envisioned common framework com­prises 3 major elements represented as three separate cogwheels:

Common language: common set of principles, definitions and key perfor­mance indicators.

Common data and data management: meaningful standards for cross-Europe­an information management.

Common approach: meaningful criteria to quantify performance, risk and life cycle cost building on a coherent set of common methodologies.

These three cogwheel elements need to be aligned and in place to make the frame­work operational and to enable the roll out to network owners and assist managers in Europe.


The main objectives of AM4INFRA are:

  • To provide NIAs with insight on how AM practices would support the develop­ment of network management strategy, adoption of decision making processes, operational requirements and how as­set knowledge can be utilized.
  • To provide NIAs with a common, prac­tical framework for a life cycle and risk based AM approach capable of govern­ance on the highest aggregation level of (cross-modal) network considerations.
  • To enable NIAs in acquiring meaningful data, sharing knowledge and good prac­tices to achieve “learning by doing” and continuous improvement of the opera­tions.
  • To connect NIAs of different transport modes in terms of AM systems, meth­odologies and practices (multi-modal management).
  • To provide NIAs the means for replica­tion and wider roll-out of the developed solutions.

CERTH/HIT Role: Partner

CERTH/ΗΙΤ, as a partner of AM4INFRA, participates to the following subtasks:

  • Identification and classification of prin­ciples and methods to optimize invest­ments and action beyond singular mo­dalities.
  • Development of a high-level and com­prehensive AM framework of transpor­tation networks.
  • Design of the Living lab working meth­ods and outcome requirements.

Contact Person:
Afroditi Anagnostopoulou
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
+30 211 1069 598


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